My Services


Whether it is a basic intro to meditation or an in depth personalized practice development that you are seeking, I will work with you to create a custom meditation regimen tailored just for you.

I offer in person hour long sessions in NYC and Skype hour long sessions.


Hire me to lead a meditation event at your office, venue, or place of work. I also work with individuals and groups who want to throw a meditation party for friends and loved ones. 


Bringing what we learn on the cushion into everyday life is often more challenging than it seems, but not to worry! I work with you to create effective exercises to help you incorporate the lessons from meditation into your daily life.

Coaching does not have to be limited to meditation, I am a certified holistic health and wellness coach catering to a vast array of life's daily conundrums. Let's connect to see if I my services may fit what you're looking for!


I promise my personal retreats are in the making. In the meantime if you would like to hire me to teach at a retreat center or during a retreat please reach out. 

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