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Who am I?

Sara Shah

Hello! I am a meditation instructor and certified holistic health and wellness coach (which basically means I help you get what you learned on the cushion into practice in life off the cushion). I fell in love with meditation at the perfect time in my life but quickly had so many questions. How did I know if I was doing it right? How do I sit, how do I breathe, what do I think? And day by day as I learned, I began to share with my friends, family, and community. 


I completed MNDFL meditation studio's 300 hour meditation teacher training course in NYC under Lodro Rinzler. In addition to NYC, I've trained in San Francisco and London.


I practice in the  Zen traditions and my work focuses on self-love, inner-child, and self-healing practices, but I also teach mindfulness-based meditation. I am largely influenced by the teacher Thich Nhat Hahn. 

I am passionate about female focused self-compassion practices and bringing these exercises to communities of all kinds. In caring for everyone else, women often forget to take the time and space to develop self-love (myself included).

I currently am the in-house meditation specialist for Elevate Labs, and write the meditation conent housed in the Balance meditation app, launched in September 2019.


Thank you for reading a little bit about me.  I look forward to learning a bit more about you...